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Live Chat App Config

Live Chat App Configuration

Place live chat app configuration in section livechat:

    "framework": {





timezone: Set the home timezone of the chatbot framework (use value from column TZ datebase name).

"timezone": "Europe/Berlin",

officeHours: Set the availability hours of your live chat agents. Use a JSON structure as in this example. Only use 24h format.

If a user starts a live chat outside the office hours the element fix-outside-office-hours is triggered. This is a predefined element with a reserved elementCode. It has been automatically created for you. You can modify it for your needs.

"officeHours": {
    "monday": ["9:00", "18:00"],
    "tuesday": ["9:00", "18:00"],
    "wednesday": ["9:00", "17:40"],
    "thursday": ["9:00", "18:00"],
    "friday": ["9:00", "18:00"],
    "saturday": ["9:00", "18:00"],
    "sunday": ["9:00", "18:00"]

useUserWakeUp: Configures if the framework will notify the user in case the user is not available in the currently used chat channel.

"useUserWakeUp": true,

wakeupSmsText: Sets the template to be used when notifying a user that a new message has been arrived in the web chat. Is only used if web chat is not able to use device notifications and if user has provided a mobile phone number.

"wakeupSmsText": {
            "en": "You have a new message in your Resort Hotel chat:{}&cid={}",
            "de": "Du hast eine neue Nachricht in Deinem Resort Hotel Chat:{}&cid={}"

Live Chat configuration

Place the live chat configuration inside the livechat attribute on first level of the configuration (see chapter Overview)

LivechatSelectedAttributes : Attributes from the user context that should be permanently displayed to live chat agents

"LivechatSelectedAttributes": [

thresholdNoActivityLivechannelSeconds: Number of seconds of inactivity of a live chat agent after that a user gets displayed an "away" message and the live chat is automatically closed. Automatically the element with elementCode : fix-livechat-unavailable is triggered. This is one of the fixed element that are mandatory to the framework function. You can customize it to your needs.

"thresholdNoActivityLivechannelSeconds": 240,

thresholdNoStaffLivechannelSeconds: If a live chat has been requested by the user and a live chat agent is not entering the channel for x seconds the element with elementCode : fix-livechat-unavailable is triggered.

"thresholdNoStaffLivechannelSeconds": 60,