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How to use chat on mobile

There're two ways to use webchat. You can integrate webchat to a webpage with SDK or open webchat in browser by direct URL link Layout is responsive for tablet and smartphone screens.

URL options

clid [string] Client id to identify your company. Created in member area. The only one required option.

cid [string] Customer id. Autogenerates for each unique visitor.

lg ['en' | 'de'] Webchat locale. Uses for localization texts, date formats, currency, etc.

successor [string] Element to trigger after chat is loaded. It's a elementCode from CMS in member area.

init [string | 'suppress'] Initial element to call for the first chat opening if chat history is empty. 'suppress' means initial element will be suppressed.


ctrl ['forcenew'] Force to forget current and create a new customer.

Theme customization

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